Solar Shadows Records

A year later… even more of Southern Illinois (and just across the river) combines forces.

Trailer by Tom Vasilj.

18 April 2010 Southern IlliNoise Summit Tom Vasilj


Carbondale: Show tonight at The Swamp!

SSR artist and recent local Rob Jacobs will be playing, in this lineup that also includes:

Super Famicom (Saint Augustine, FL)
Andrew Virga (Saint Augustine, FL)
Dr. Responsible (pseudo-local, from Champaign, IL)

Show starts at about 9, or 9:30.  First 10 attendees who donate for the out-of-town acts receive a free CD with the recording of Rob Jacobs’s previous set.

8 April 2010 Rob Jacobs Dr. Responsible Andrew Virga Super Famicom




“Old Model”

(via rafer:dataviz)

26 March 2010 reblog: dataviz record industry


Fearless Leader is always up for an interview.

As usual, however, his verbosity easily gave the local university newspaper reporter 9 times more information than he could ever possibly need. 

Thanks go out to Dave X for trusting us to give an alternate view on his fine experimental music radio programming.

21 March 2010 Fearless Leader interview phone Dave X The Daily Egyptian


Plays: 12


Day 5, at the start of heading home.  It was fantastic to see another side of Little Rock, as it’s definitely preferred to see more than one side of any place, really.

15 March 2010 A.C.A.C. Rad Rad Rad House Arkansas Little Rock


Plays: 9


Day 4, on the last full day of being in Denton, taking a pause after loading in .e’s gear. 

The show was fantastic, by the way, but more on that later…

13 March 2010 Denton NX35 .e



Smile Friday Saturday: Fearless Leader, after telephoning WDBX in Carbondale, and performing a very personal sound improvisation, with incidental accompaniment by the traffic passing through Denton, Texas.

13 March 2010 Smile Friday Denton NX35


Plays: 9


in 10 minutes from now, 5:12 a.m. CT.  Turns out that FL called in the midst of a LONG piece that still had 19+ minutes to go, still.

and then click “Listen” for the stream, as the improvisation “Duet with Denton Traffic” is transmitted via phone to a radio station in Carbondale, IL, and then sent out over the FM airwaves for a short distance, and Internet stream (the “Listen” link in question) for everywhere else. 

13 March 2010 Duet with Denton Traffic Karthik Kakarala WDBX Denton NX35 DaveX ITDE It's Too Damn Early


Plays: 2


Fearless Leader, describing the difference between the house show (in Little Rock, Arkansas), and the first NX35 show (at Andy’s Bar, in Denton). 

12 March 2010 Denton NX35 report Shiny Around the Edges