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A conversation that was had yesterday:

Fearless Leader: “The Solar Shadows Records Tumblr hasn’t been updated in months. ¿What the hell do I pay you for?”

Me: "Um… I know that funds are tight, but… you don’t pay us anymore, sir.

Fearless Leader: "…"


We took the pause as an excuse to scuttle away and make some coffee.  He’ll come up with a response to that, if we wait too long to do something, so it looks like we’re back! 

17 November 2010 Fearless Leader cracks the whip


24 July 2010 Fearless Leader karthikkakarala



GPOYW-April 30th, 2010: Fearless Leader, in the siuIU (Southern Illinois University Improvisation Unit), playing instruments created by Chris Scamehorn.  

Shiang Ho took this digital picture.  

The last public show of the siuIU as an octet (that I know of… there’s not exactly a lot of people who’ll be filling in the slots for the coming Autumn) of the Spring 2010 season.  The premise involved them not really using any instruments whatsoever of theirs (FL, at most, brought percussion brushes and a bass bow for interacting with what was there): Everything we were going to use was there.  

Chris Scamehorn’s M.F.A. exhibition revolved around his sculpting abilities and tendencies for making “functional art” that is meant to be interacted with.  So, the setting of the room evoked an undersea aesthetic, with all of the sculptures providing musical qualities.  With the exception of Matt, who is himself studying sculpture at present, there wasn’t a single member who had used the specific instruments (or versions of somewhat familiar instruments) before.  Amidst this, they created a group improvisation that lasted the starting 21 minutes of the exhibition’s opening.  

Here, he’s breaking away from the percussion “groove” (half of the group’s members are primarily percussionists, with the rest of the siuIU having various levels of informal or formal percussion training) to engage one of the ocarina-like instruments on the same initial sandpile that were available (they later spread out more over the room’s area).  

14 July 2010 Chris Scamehorn Shiang Ho gpoy gpoyw siuIU Fearless Leader


Fearless Leader is always up for an interview.

As usual, however, his verbosity easily gave the local university newspaper reporter 9 times more information than he could ever possibly need. 

Thanks go out to Dave X for trusting us to give an alternate view on his fine experimental music radio programming.

21 March 2010 Fearless Leader interview phone Dave X The Daily Egyptian



Smile Friday:

Fearless Leader, on the verge of finishing packing and turning himself into Solar Shadows for tonight, and thusly unleashing a typography onslaught.  Nothing but grinning about the mischief to come forth in 9+ hours from him specifically, let alone the creative heights that will be achieved.

16 October 2009 Solar Shadows Fearless Leader Smile Friday



"No, you go first… I’m only going to need one swing."-Fearless Leader

This was at the tail end of five people who were also without blindfolds.  If this doesn’t look like a snapshot of something therapeutic, we don’t know what is, then.

We’ve looked idle to the point where Tumblr gave us a “0” for Tumbularity in the last two weeks.  However, we’re quite content with not having made worthless posts just to keep that number up.  It’s assured that the Boss Man was probably the most idle in this moment (and that still required a tensing up), so that things will be running quite wonderfully very soon.

21 September 2009 Fearless Leader Talk Like a Pirate Day Violence


The only reason that you would want to be in Carbondale today

is to witness Fearless Leader unleash a Sonic Ambush upon the pop bands of Carbondale at Evergreen Park. Oh, that 30-minute set was ever-so-cute.  I’d say more, but I want to go back and see what FL has in store for his third hour.

5 September 2009 Fearless Leader Sonic Ambush Free Fall Classic



Not necessarily gratuitous enough for GPOYW, as it’s kind of a heartwarming moment.  Mavis Concave, now moved out of the Heart of the Midwest, stands in the middle.  .e, at picture’s left, sports his greeting of “What’s good?” (He doesn’t have a middle initial, in case that part was confusing).  Fearless Leader, at picture’s right, sports a slightly less known line usually uttered only a little bit farther in (FL is that hip) of “I only want to hear good things” on his own shirt (Thanks to .e for snagging one at the last second amidst the chaos of finding a ride to get there, ¡and for even grabbing a red marker!).

After a while, Mavis took to saying the slogan corresponding to the shirt of whichever one of us walked up, which generally followed us all to the Belleville show the next day (Saturday).  This never got old.  FL proceeded to obtain a more official Mavis Concave shirt later that Friday evening.

Thanks to Rebecca for taking the family digital photo in the first place.

It’s too bad that sons have a tendency to go so horribly [wonderfully] strange like Mavis did.  We miss you terribly already.

2 September 2009 Mavis Concave .e Of Course You Realize... Fearless Leader


Quick update

Mavis Concave’s shows went fairly well: St. Louis made FANTASTIC tour-opening money through donations (picture of the VCR that SSR snagged to come) from people grabbing stuff that Mavis was getting rid of, door money, CD sales, and shirt sales.  The show ended fairly early (in that it was a weekend show that ended properly before midnight, despite a 5-act power-packed bill), even though Of Course You Realize… took a dinosaur’s age to set up, as usual.

We got back from Belleville on Sunday, but Fearless Leader is still beaming as if he’s a rockstar, as of this writing.  Pictures and more commentary to surface as time goes on: We will always have something to write about, even if it ends up being old.


1 September 2009 Fearless Leader Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center Mavis Concave Realicide Youth Of Course You Realize... Siege Circuit



Fearless Leader.

22 August 2009 Fearless Leader Karthik Kakarala Photography