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blogging milestone

SSR Finally reaches 50… posts.

For a while there, it was kind of a shaky proposition, the possibility that this blog would continue.  

Slowly but surely, you 20 ‘Followers’ that we have have made your way into this corner of The Internet, and our hearts.  Well, we appreciate your patience while some restructuring occurred.  A lot of things have been holding us back, and there still might be plenty to get in our way in the upcoming future.  

However, compared to months ago, it looks like we stand a half chance of making it through.  The goal is still to be able to start getting some things out in analog releases, but for now, digital content will pop up from time-to-time in the form of pictures and demo tracks.  

We added Disqus commenting on the posts a while back, so you’re 100% free to comment on anything here, and you can always Ask us about nearly anything (though do let us know in a separate message if you want your question and our answer to stay private or not, otherwise it will be entirely up to our discretion!).  

In the meantime, Fearless Leader is bursting with emotion and a renewed sense of purpose, and you’ll sometimes see those things addressed more specifically (when they don’t involve the rest of us) over on his own blog (which we hope you’ll check out from time-to-time).  

Thanks for being great, and for giving us the benefit of the doubt.  Even through a few of you being around, it seems like we’re the Popular Kids, only without the expectation to appear at Prom (¡it’s all about the Afterprom, obviously!).

25 July 2010 blogging milestone